Journeys by hovercraft all the year!

Amphibious vehicle “Khivus-10”

Amphibious vehicle “Khivous-10” is destined for a year-round transportation. It glides with equal ease both over water and ice. The hovercraft is able to conquer scours, fissures, shallows, coastal slopes. It can in principle travel over any relatively smooth surface such as shoals, deep snow or marshland. Due to these peculiarities the vehicle can be used in the seasons of impassable roads (early spring or late autumn), when common water transport stops running and the ice is not thick enough to bear a car.

In summer “Khivous-10” has the advantage of other boats in terms of speed. Moreover, it has safe emergency brake system suitable for firm soil.

The hovercraft has a spacious passenger compartment with quite comfortable temperature kept up even is severe frosts. Thanks to almost noiseless fan one doesn’t have to strain his vocal cords during an excursion. The passenger compartment has perimeter windows which provide wonderful field of vision and possibility to enjoy the scenery.

If needed, the vehicle with the help of trailer can be easily transported through the system of roads to any basin.

Design description

Hull and cockpit. Hull and cockpit are made of aluminium-magnesium alloy. The main method of joining constructions is riveting. Two partitions divide the hull into 3 watertight compartments: nose compartment, passenger compartment and engine compartment. Such a kind of construction ensures corrosion resistance, lightness, stability and better maintainability of the vehicle.

Air cushion protection. Air cushion protection consists of 3 air skegs (side skegs and diametral ones), nose and after-body flexible protection (“skirt”). Each skeg has a double level construction and is divided into 4 airtight compartments. The protective construction is made of 5-layer polymeric material reinforced with polyester. The polyurethane protector on the lower side of skegs makes them puncture proof and abrasion resistant. The air cushion is joined with the hull in a very constructive way, which makes the procedure of assembling and dismantling quite easy.

Air fan. The 6-blade fan is installed into a ring packing to increase the efficiency and safety of its functioning. The blades and the ring packing are made of glass reinforced plastic. The outer layer of the blades is reinforced with abrasion resistant material. The male part of the ring packing is covered with protective screen. The fan is belted with a toothed belt “Gates” or “Brando”.

Pressure blowers. The hovercraft is equipped with 2-axial blow 12 blade blowers. The blades of the blowers are made of glass-fiber material and are reinforced with abrasion resistant material. Transmission of gyration from driveshaft of the engine to the reduction gear unit of the blower is carried out with the help of wedge belt.

Control system. The control system is both very simple and highly efficient. Yaw control is carried out through 3 air rudders with the drive from the steering wheel (automobile wheel) and through pressure alternations in the compartments of air cushion with the drive from pedals. “Khivous” has rather standard automobile-like control system of propulsive arrangement.

Component parts. The vehicle is equipped with automobile steering wheels and dashboard, tumbler switches of the control system, accumulator (capacity 90 AA/h), three windshield wipers, navigation lights, 2 fog lights, 2 lights for compartment lighting, a 12V socket, forward reling, 4 mooring dogs, 2 fuel tanks, a beep, handrails on the top of the cockpit, electrical system of pumping up the skegs.

The hovercraft is produced by a href="" target=blank>“Aerokhod Ltd.”, Nizhni Novgorod, Russia.

664028, Irkutsk Lermontov St.63a-23

tel.: (3952) 388-414


Тel. in Moscow:

(095) 632-24-80

(095) 263-05-76

(095) 220-38-41

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