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Transport-tourist company “Vezdekhod” (Russian word for “cross-country vehicle”) was established in 2003 and its name is associated with the vehicles it deals with – hovercraft “Khivous-10”, which are famous for their ability to go practically everywhere in any season. Before “Khivous” appeared, many parts of Baikal Lake were out of reach (one could get there only in late spring on foot or in winter by car at a risk of finding oneself in a fissure).

Now the travellers have a unique possibility to travel safely and comfortably on Baikal from the time the ice appears regardless of ice thickness and strength.

Baikal detachment of Russian Emergency Control Ministry, a close partner of “Vezdekhod Ltd.”, acquired the vehicle as means of emergency transport. This fact proves once more safety of “Khivous”.

The first experience of using “Khivous” at Baikal in winter 2004 has proven the availability of such a kind of transport on the lake. The company has carried out 3 expeditions exploring the new routs: a 4 day excursion (Listvjanka – bay Peschanaya – Small Sea – Enkhaluk – Posolskoye – Listvjanka), 1 day excursion to bay Peschanaya and along the Circum-Baikal Railway.

Sergey Volkov (explorer of Irkutsk region and Mongolia, writer) wrote a very substantial article about excursion to bay Peschanaya. His account was published in Irkutsk paper “Automarket”, March 19, 2004.

The company has experience of international expeditions. Last year the founders of “Vezdekhod” together with the chief manager of “Khivous” producer took part in such an expedition. The rout ran from Irkutsk to Ulan Bator through Mondy, Khubsugul Lake, and river Egijn-gol. The hovercraft of “Aerokhod Ltd.” was transported with the help of trail to Mondy. Explorers had to cross the river during the period of ice-drifting, but “Khivous” appeared to be a really everywhere-passing vehicle.

In May 2004 “Khivous” proved its reliability in delta of Selenga River and on the river Irkut. There the hovercraft reached the so called “Big Rapids” moving upstream without any problems.

The company, taking into consideration the experience acquired throughout the expeditions, has made up basic routs for tourists.

“Vezdekhod” company is an official dealer of “Khivous” producer in our region:

664028, Irkutsk Lermontov St.63a-23

tel.: (3952) 388-414


Тel. in Moscow:

(095) 632-24-80

(095) 263-05-76

(095) 220-38-41

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